Monday, December 27, 2010


If we can't be with our children and grandchildren today, there is no better way to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary than to be right here in FINLAND serving a TEMPLE MISSION!

And this is the beginning of PERHE VIIKO......FAMILY WEEK!
These two cars arrived this afternoon as we were leaving to go 'out on a date'.....they are from RUSSIA! And our dear friends that we have not seen in about 6 months!
We were on the 'hunt' for a few things like a new bathroom rug (ours is falling apart)....we thought we would give the HONG KONG SHOP a try. Have never been there before. It seems to be like a K-Mart in America. We were not very impressed although we did find a couple of small things to buy.....including the bathroom rug!! :-)
We then headed over to SELLO where we would have some dinner and do some grocery shopping at CITY MARKET. We ate at CHICO'S.....becoming one of our favorite restaurants close by.
When we got back to the ASUNTOLA, we decided to walk around and see what 'snow work' Wayne would need to do later.......the snow finally stopped coming down after 2 days of snowing. And no more snow is expected until Thursday.....a little reprieve!! Thank goodness!
The snow is just PILED HIGH everywhere.......and this is just December with January, February and March to go!
Around the back of the temple......pretty, pretty, pretty........
and those are the 'steps' going to the front door of the temple from the side.....only you can't find the steps right now.
Veli Zaretskji decided to grab our camera and take one more shot before we went inside for the evening.
It has been a WONDERFUL anniversary day......we are ready for the next 42 years!

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