Friday, December 31, 2010

(Good New Year.......Google 'style')
We only had 3 sessions in the temple today due to closing early for the NEW YEARS EVE. It has been PERHE VIIKO with a LOT of Russian Families here. As we left today, we walked down to the asuntola with some of our good friends......Brat Smelov (to Wayne's left) and Brat Iljin on the far right. Veli Zaretskji is standing between the two brothers.
It was the GROBERG's last day.....they head home to Idaho Falls, Idaho on Monday morning early! We will miss them so much.....they have been wonderful to work with!
Had to run over to Sello for a quick trip to CIYT MARKET!!! Wayne got a picture of me at 'CHECK-OUT'.........bagging our groceries. That is what you have to do here......
The trees were so FROSTY 'covered' even in the dark!
Now we are settling in for a nice relaxing evening here at home while the Finns are out partying for the NEW YEAR!! If you can believe it, FIREWORKS have been going off since DARK.....that would be about 4:15 p.m. It could be a very long night!!

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