Tuesday, December 28, 2010

By tradition, this week between Christmas and New Years is FAMILY WEEK.....this is always a fun time for the families.
We actually have a number of families staying here this week.....the asuntola is FULL beyond capacity! Not to worry....Pavel has it all worked out so everyone coming and going has a bed and a room! Bless his heart for being able to figure it all out.
As we were leaving on Monday afternoon to take care of some errands these two cars from RUSSIA arrived. Two families. And great friends that we have had over the past 19 months that we have been here. AAAHHHHH......so many familiar faces in the group....Russians and Finns alike. We are going to miss them so much when we go home! We will hopefully be able to share pictures toward the end of the week when we are able to get them.

DISCLAIMER: YES......this does look familiar doesn't it. I wanted to make sure you saw it and that I got all of the information included!! NOW....it is and I can make sure you got it the first time around! :-)

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