Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(Beautiful Finnish Winter)

There is just NO other way to describe the beauty of this winter, so far, than the opening statement! We heard yesterday (from the Vormino's) that the Helsinki area (and where we live) had a record snow on their Finnish Independence Day on Monday.....and we now have more snow than LAPLAND!! Go figure.....this makes two winters in a row!! Maybe it is our being here that is bringing all of the GOOD LUCK!
Wayne was out shoveling before we headed up to the temple and felt he did not need his overcoat! Just his gloves. I guess he worked up a sweat!
This is SINGLE ADULT VIIKO (week) this week.....some great friends we haven't seen for a bit. So happy to have them here.....they are from RUSSIA!! Above is my friend SVETLANA PEREPELITSA. She had a gift for us and guess what? We have a gift for her as well!!
We had to run a quick errand over to SELLO again.....just had to show the 'cars being plugged in to keep the batteries warm' thingie!! There is just soooooo much snow! And this is only the first part of December.
BEAUTIFUL.....what more can I say.

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