Sunday, December 12, 2010


The Michie's decided they wanted to go to church in Lahti on Sunday so that is where the mission van went.....and we were in it. We thought it was just a little 'interesting' to have a lighted Christmas candelabra next to the Sacrament table. Have not seen that before.
The ZARETSKI's went with us to Lahti as was a lot colder up there (about an hour and 15 minute drive north of where we are here in Espoo). In fact we noticed the temperature gauge in the van registered -20 c where in Espoo it was only a -13!! We have more snow in Espoo than they have further up north!
The Michie's decided it was just too cold to stand out in the cold for a group picture so they sat in the car and waited for us.
It was a beautiful drive up to Lahti and back. Wayne and I sat in the back of the van and never really got warm though. The heat just didn't reach the back of the took me the rest of the day to really get warm!
This is the SHELL STATION where Wayne mostly fills up the gas in the two mission vans. We drove past here today. Wayne wanted a picture of the gas prices 'just because' I decided to include this in our POTD's for today! Why not.....this is 'daily' life here for us!
As the sun was setting about 3:15 p.m. I happened to look out our apartment window to see the pretty sky. Just could not resist taking 'one more picture' of our beautiful temple!
We are 'senior missionaries' and we were tired so we decided to lay down for a few minutes and rest. Then along about 7:00 p.m. (2 hours later) a knock came on our door. It was none other than JOULUPUKKI himself and his 'helper' bearing a little Christmas Cheer our way! Even if it did interrupt our Sunday Afternoon Nap! That was okay.....we just went back to bed and stayed there!! Nice job Michie's!!

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