Friday, December 17, 2010

("No keys" .... lost ones not found!)

When we went down to the RUS TRAVEL AGENT on Tuesday to work on Russian Visas and travel arrangements for our trip to St. Petersburg in mid-January, we got home and Wayne discovered he had lost his keys somewhere........apartment key, temple locker key, master key for the 'car cabinet' and his swiss army knife!! Not a good thing.
After searching HIGH and LOW everywhere here, we decided he must have lost them downtown! President Haikkola called the Polisi station for him where lost and found items would be turned in. The only way to find out if they were there was to go there....... That meant another trip downtown!
BOTTOM LINE: They were no where to be found after retracing ALL of our steps, and then some, from Tuesday!!
We decided to make the best of the situation while we were we did a little shopping at the Christmas Tori, had a snack at the Cafe Esplanade......
and went to Stockman's to look around. The above decorations are on the inside of the block-large department store. The immediate above picture is the beautiful, historic
On Monday of this week, the crowing of the 2010 FINLAND ST. LUCIA was crowned. And here was her picture hung on the side of this building. The St. Lucia is a Swedish tradition but since there are so many Swedes in Finland, this tradition is also held here.

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