Sunday, December 5, 2010


Wayne went out for a snowy walk around the temple grounds today. We did not go to church. I have been in bed the past 3 days feeling very weak and not goo at all. He was so sweet to stay home with me! Bless his heart.
It was such a pretty day and I wanted him to go 'investigate' the beauty of the day and take lots of pictures for me.
He came back with some real beauties! Just sit back and relax and enjoy them as I did.
We keep hearing that the south of Finland (where we are) is going to have a 'warm-up'! I don't think so.......
or maybe the weather people mean in the SPRING!
The asuntola looks a little 'lonely' with all of that snow around doesn't it!
Hopefully this next week will be better because I will feel better and be back in the temple working. It is YOUNG SINGLE ADULT WEEK!

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