Thursday, December 9, 2010

In celebration for Ronda Groberg's birthday and Veli ja Sisar Groberg's wedding anniversary!

We are working on the morning shift this week with the Groberg's so that made it very 'handy' for us to go downtown with them!
Last year when we attended this event there was NO snow on the ground. Not this year!
We bought things from this cute little couple....actually telescoping 'hot dog sticks'. Come a bonfire at our home next spring when we get home and you will find out what they are! They even engraved our names on them.
One of my favorite stores in the background.....MARIMEKKO!
These cute little nuns are from a church in BELARUS. Lots of fun handmade things from there.....we of course bought something from them too!!
And these good folks are true LAPLANDERS!!! Brought lots of handmade things from REINDEER.....everything! Yup....bought things from them too!!
We took a 'break' to get warm and had some SALMON SOUP at this little cafe across the street. Yummy.......
And back to finish up the shopping before heading home! Just a beautiful night.....albeit COLD and SNOWY! Perfect for shopping at the Christmas Market.
A couple of 'parting' shots.......
a famous statue as we were driving out of downtown.
Frozen little bunnies that we are......nice and warm here in our apartment! We are continuing to love our week with the RUSSIANS here! They are wonderful!!

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