Sunday, December 19, 2010


What a great week it has been with such great people from St. Petersburg Russia. Patrons and workers alike!! I gave a cross stitch temple picture to SISTRA TAMARA IVANOVA. What a sweetie she is. Not much English can she speak but we were still able to communicate just fine. Amazing how much 'sign language' comes in handy over here sometimes!
The group had a Testimony Meeting on Friday night....nice group picture!
Michie's and Groberg's and we were invited to attend church and then go to dinner at the HYVÄRINEN PERHE afterward. That is about a 2 hour drive north east. Veli Michie drove and I suppose Veli Allgaier ya Veli Groberg just needed to have their 'own' GPS in their hands to make sure no wrong turns were made! Just a hoot to watch them 'back-seat' drive!
We had snow all day was a pretty drive up there though. I thought it was kind of a cool picture to watch this truck coming toward us in the other lane.
We had our usual pose for a group picture after church at the KOUVOLA BRANCH.......Left to right.....Veli ja Sisar Groberg, Veli ja Sisar Michie ja Veli ja Sisar Allgaier.
Then it was on to the HYVÄRINEN home for lunch. Kaija knows how to cook really good! ALL of the food was sooooo delicious. And what a beautiful table she had set as well! These Finns......they are so good at everything they do!
While looking at some of the many, many books they have, look what we 'found'! Veli Groberg's brother's book......'THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN' in Finnish. Just picture worthy of course.
They have such a beautiful relaxing and inviting. We all felt very comfortable there.
And we noticed the SUN SET out their living room window at 1:42 p.m. Just had to capture that.....all while it was still snowing outside too.
In the meantime.....Kaija is still cooking in the kitchen.
We just enjoyed our 'FEAST' so much.....and she cooks like this all the time and to everybody that she can think of!
MATTI JA KAIJA ........What a cute couple!
Time to bundle up and head home.......
The outside of their home was so Christmas Cheery with the Christmas lights and snow.
Back at the asuntola......MORE SNOW piled up while we were gone.....don't know where we will put it all, and this is only December.....the snowy months are yet to come!!
TOMORROW: P-DAY......Headed to TALLINN, ESTONIA for the Christmas Market!

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