Saturday, December 11, 2010

It has been SINGLE ADULT WEEK this past week......lots of Single Adult Russian patrons here. And a lot of Finns have come as well.
This particular group of Single Adults are very creative and LOVE to do things together. They typically have a PARTY together on Friday night at the Haaga Chapel. This was no exception! The outside of the Haaga Chapel is pictured above.
Veli Mustonen was 'elected' to make a ISO POT OF RIISIPUURO. And BIG it was! This is a traditional Porridge cereal that you have to cook and stir (no cheating on this one) for 45 minutes. Takes a long time to make, obviously. It was served to everyone.....and whoever gets the ALMOND in their bowl will get a special 'present'! Don't know who got it.
As a 'part' of the program, Wayne was asked by the Russians to portray St. Nikkolas in the traditional Russian outfit. He agreed to do that. We got to the chapel only to find that the Finns had asked an Estonian brother to be the Finnish Santa! There we had it....TWO SANTA'S!
Wayne being clever with lots of things devised a little 'skit' whereby there could actually be TWO SANTA'S.....and it was fun! They all enjoyed it!
The Russian's put on a skit with the CHRISTMAS STORY! It was very good.
And at the end of the evening, the Russians had some AMERICAN COUNTRY MUSIC put on and they taught the Finns how to do AMERICAN LINE DANCING!! GO Figure......we just thought it was a hoot!!!! And there are us two American Temple Missionaries watching it all......never thought we would see this. Fun evening for all of those who attended!
Oh, and by the did we get involved! We were to provided the transportation for the Russians since they arrived here by bus. It took 5 trip with two mission vans to get them to Haaga (and back again).

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