Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Bless her heart.....Sisar Roslöf is still in the hospital! She has been there about 2 months now...we have kind of lost track to be honest. We got there today only to find she was IN SURGERY AGAIN.....5th time. All for her broken hip! Poor thing! We will go back tomorrow afternoon to visit her again....we are on the morning shift this week and afternoon will work great because that is when they have visiting hours. I made her a little CROSS STITCH WASHINGTON D.C. PICTURE.....she loves that temple too because she has been there.
The drive over was so pretty ....... just had to take some pictures. The snow just keeps piling up and it is soooooo KAUNIS!
You can see how buried the BUS STOP is....they are all like that. Can't believe the busses can actually 'find' the stop to pick up and drop passengers at.
And notice how WINTER WONDERLAND the homes are........
Interesting 'story' about this car buried in the snow. Last Saturday night we went to Sello after the temple with the Groberg's and Michie's. As we were pulling into the asuntola parking lot we noticed a BIG FIRE up on the highway! Well, it apparently was THIS CAR! Don't know what happened but the car is still sitting there today. The Finnish Polisi tend to 'leave' accident cars along the highway for a few days as a reminder to passerby's of what could happen if they are not careful! I guess this would get our attention as well.
We bought this cute, simple little NATIVITY for the Zaretski's while we were in TALLINN yesterday. They loved it and were so excited!
WONDERFUL DAY IN THE TEMPLE TODAY........Not a lot of patrons because of the Holiday Week we are in but it was very nice to be there!

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