Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas Day started off with some CRISPY BACON (no little smokies over here) and homemade PULLA (made by Sisar Multamäki).
We went to see the VOUTILAINEN PERHE in th
e afternoon. I left my camera there so I have to add a picture from their home when I get it back hopefully later on Sunday, December 26th. The Haikkola's are going to bring it home from church for me!
AND THEN......the kids are all awake and moving in their own homes all across AMERICA.....even David and Alyssa (living in Shanghai, China) who are visiting Alyssa's family in California. was SKYPE-TIME with all of them...... We started with STEVEN AND ELINN and their kids in Brunswick, Maryland. Can you believe we talked to them for over an hour and forgot to take a picture! Sunday.....we will try and get a SKYPE call so we can get a picture! After that we talked to KEVIN AND LAUREN and their children in Mapleton, Utah.
Then down to Peoria, Arizona to talk with BECKY AND DAVID and their children..........
Up to Lindon, Utah to catch ANDREW AND GERALYN and their 5 boys.....

Back out to Urbana, Maryland with JONATHAN AND TINA and their kids......
Back to the west coast, sunny San Diego, California to talk with DAVID AND ALYSSA and their girls......
We kind of felt like SANTA criss-crossing the good ole US of A trying to catch up with all of our family. It was sooo fun. We finally finished talking to all of them about midnight our time. Could and would have liked to talk longer but we were pooped!! Wonderful started snowing while we were talking to them and looks like it will be snowing all night!

P.S.........AS PROMISED.......Here is a picture with the
VOUTILAINEN PERHE.....that means I got my camera back!!

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