Friday, December 31, 2010


This is the face of a 'happy camper'!!! Read the story Wayne's own words as written to our children and grandchildren!
"Summary: I lost my keys somewhere in downtown Helsinki about three weeks ago. Looked at the central P.D. Lost and Found, but they weren't in the "Found" department. So I got some new keys, pocket knife, etc., and started over again. This time, I decided to put our email address on the key ring just in case I might loose them again (of course that would never happen). Went shopping to Sello shopping center this evening. In a hurry, and left my keys in the shopping cart. Those who have been here know how that works. Andy and Geralyn, you'll find out when you come to visit. Got home and discovered that my keys were gone.

Went back to Sello. All the shopping carts were gone from the place where I had left mine. Checked with the lost and found upstairs at both K-City Market and Prisma. Not there. Asked a couple of the guys that round up the shopping carts -- they hadn't seen any keys. Checked back a couple of times with K-City Market and Prisma. Still no keys. Checked about 300 shopping carts that were all lined up. No keys. Returned home a little dejected, but still having faith that the keys would show up, and said a little prayer hoping this would be the case. Mom, who had stayed home, had also been praying.

As I was explaining to her everything I had done to try to find the keys, we got the email that I forwarded to you. Translated, it says: "Subject: Abloy [brand name] key. Message: Found key Call number 040-5796966." Brief and to the point. So I called, and the man on the other end said his wife had found these keys while shopping this evening. It turns out he lives about 1.5 miles from us, so we hopped in the car and drove to his house, to find him standing in the driveway waiting for us. Nice guy, probably about my age, but not interested in carrying on a conversation (Finns are really to themselves until they get to know you). We had brought a box of chocolates to give him, and I almost had to force him to take it.

So tonight will be a happy celebration to bring in the new year. It could have been a lot different, had it not been for the honesty of this good Finnish man.

--Dad" is the e-mail that we got on the computer:
Date: December 31, 2010 10:26:14 AM EST
Subject: Abloy avain

löytynyt avain

soitta no 0405796966


Short, sweet and the answer to our prayers!
Bottom Line: Prayers are heard and answered after we have done all that we can do! We are a believer in that!!

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