Monday, December 20, 2010

P - DAY....

It was a very snowy, cold day here in Helsinki as we headed to the Eckerö Line Ferry for our 3 hour ferry ride over to Tallinn. We had decided months ago that the Groberg's and Michie's and Allgaier's would go there for one last time for us and Groberg's and first time and only time for Michie's to go to the CHRISTMAS MARKET.
SO......I have put some random pictures here of our little day-trip!
Sit back.....relax and hope you enjoy as much as we did going!!

L to R.......Ronda Gorberg, Barbara and Kent Michie
L to R: Dick Groberg, Wayne and Vicki Allgaier
While having our buffet breakfast, we took that 'time' to put our TOE WARMERS in our boots to keep our feet warm in the freezing cold weather in Tallinn. Thanks Tina for getting those for us!
Walking around.......
Cool little 'underpass' in the Olde Towne..... was time for some deliciously warm HOT CHOCOLATE!!
Big beautiful church.......with Russian Orthodox Church in the background......
Underground parking this was being built a few years ago, they unearthed these old walls dating back to about the 1300' that is pretty old. And very creative of how they were able to preserve them and still get their parking area!!
Had to buy some wonderful ESTONIA CANDY.....KALEV. It can only be purchased in their candy store!! And we found it!
Cool sign.......
Every trip to Tallinn involves buying some of their ROASTED, FLAVORED ALMONDS........ so good!
We 'found' this old VIKING SHIP on display......don't know why......just because! It hasn't been here before but it was very cool!
One of the entrances to the OLDE CITY.
We had lunch at the OLDE HANSA RESTAURANT.....very cool too!
The restrooms (WC) were downstairs. This is the lighting provided for getting there. The restaurant was definitely a very medieval place!
A wonderful P-Day.....with some great friends. This will be a short week in the temple because of the Christmas Holiday.

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