Saturday, December 11, 2010


was held at the VORIMO's on Saturday night. This is an annual party with the temple office staff and the temple missionaries along with the temple Presidency. It is always a very fun evening with great food and great company!
All of the food was prepared by the temple presidency.....or should I say the Matron and her Assistants.
The MAIN course as well as the DESSERT were just outstanding.
For entertainment we had a WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE. Sisar Roto and Veli Roto were very happy with their 'gifts'......a humidifier for Sisar and a pumpkin candle for Veli!
Sisar Welling enjoyed taking lots of photos during the evening. She is a Service Missionary who serves in the office once a week.
The weather outside was just GORGEOUS! It had snowed most of the day and the Christmasy scene was just breathtaking.
And a very fun evening.

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