Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It was quite the day on Wednesday! Lots of fun things going on before and after working our afternoon shift in the temple!

First of all........PIGS, PIGS AND MORE PIGS seem to be the 'THING' here in Finland. Have not been able to figure out why. The Finns have this fascination with PIGS though. We got a little gift from Matti and his wife for Christmas....part of which was a CHOCOLATE MARZIPAN PIG. And it was made in Norway and not Finland. Go was good though.
I mentioned before on a different 'post' that this is PERHE VIIKKO (family week). There are lots of great people here this week.....ones we call dear friends that we have met and made over the past 19 months.
The VASILYEV's were a Russian Temple Missionary Couple serving here when we arrived in June 2009! They were back this week for a visit to the temple and to reacquaint with their long lost friends! How good to have them here again!
And then there are the KAZAKOV's from Moscow! Yes, we met them the first time also 19 months ago. ANASTASIA was so young then. She has literally grown into a beautiful young lady right before our very eyes. We will NOT be able to see them again. They won't be back to the Helsinki Temple before summer of 2011......and we will be home by then! We will miss them!
As we were coming home to our apartment after our shift in the temple, we 'found' this cute young lady babysitting a young sibling......and showing him our Christmas tree on our apartment door. It was so cute to watch them be fascinated!
THEN......8:00 p..m. when we normally have our Wednesday night Missionary Meeting with the President, we had a GOING AWAY PARTY with the GROBERG'S instead. It was kind of way to get rid of things that you can not pack and take home with you!
To quote Veli Groberg.......One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure!!
We haven't seen Veli Groberg smile so much in the past 18 months! He was loving every single minute of it!
LOTS OF GOODIES FOR EVERYONE TO PASS AROUND AND SHARE!! I guess we will do 'doing' much the same thing in 4 months when we go home!
As if we don't have enough pictures of the TEMPLE from our apartment window, Wayne thought it would be fun to see a picture from the Groberg's bedroom window.
A FUN evening was had by all.......

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