Friday, December 24, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods......
to the
for Christmas Eve Day Finnish Traditions......

Several months ago the Michie's and Allgaier's had been invited to spend CHRISTMAS EVE DAY with the Kataja Perhe........this is the day which is more celebrated than the actual Christmas Day.
It was a beautiful drive up north....about an hours drive from Espoo. The SUN made it appearance oh so slightly....above, this was high noon!
And it was a FRIGIDLY COLD day at that....too cold for 'human consumption' as I say!
They had put their CHRISTMAS TREE up and decorated it on December 23rd....normally it is put up and decorated on December 24th as well.
Leena was in the KITCHEN a lot during the day. (Leena is one of the MULTAMÄKI tytar's, daughters)
SISAR ANJA MULTAMÄKI was always close by and ready to help at a moments notice. She is just such a cutie.......
The young missionaries joined in on the festivities for the day.....their 'job' was to play with the young kids outside for a while. LOVE the traditional sled above.....soooo cute! And very functional. It is a SHOPPING / SCHOOL can see why it would be used for that.
I went outside for a few minutes to take pictures......not knowing that Wayne was inside taking a picture of me.
And here they are getting ready to go down the hill. It looked fun.......
What a sweet little 'Chessie' cat they have......looks just like our sweet little Chessie that we had at home. I miss my animals at home......
Sisar Multamäki and Wayne and I visiting for a few minutes......
And then it was time to play a HAT GAME with was played like musical chairs. It was a lot of fun......
OH, and lest we was time for JOULUPUKKI to all his glory (AKA as Veli Michie).
Wayne got a pair of birchwood slippers. He was so excited (and so was I) because we have been looking for some for the past 18 months. KIITOS JOULUPUKKI!!
Lots of gifts were handed out.
JOULUPUKKI only had one little problem the entire evening.....his pants were coming down. Got a picture of it as he made his exit!
Sisar Multamäki gave us a beautiful warm wrap to use on cold sweet of her.
We got a group picture of us with the young missionaries before we left the Kataja Home for the evening.
We drove out to the ORIMATTILA KIRKKO CEMETERY to put candles out in remembrance of Veli Multamäki. This is a tradition to do as well.
As COLD as it was, we took time for a quick group picture. MAN is was soooo cold!
This is the little plot dedicated to placing lit candles for loved ones. We then headed back home.....getting here about 11:15 p.m. What a fun-filled, great day with a great family.

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