Saturday, December 4, 2010


With being on the afternoon shift this week, we tried to do a few 'quick' errands before going to the temple. We were off to SELLO early so as to get back. Wayne needed to do some more snow shoveling because it snowed overnight and was still snowing! :-)

We noticed our CHRISTMAS FLOWER from the Michie's was almost in FULL BLOOM and just beautiful!
And in the POSTI today we got a baptism 'invitation' for Porter's baptism on Saturday, December 4, 2010! WOW when did he get so big!!! So wish we could be there. It is times like this that it is so hard to be away from home and family! Wanting so badly to be there to celebrate their 'big' day and wanting to be here on a mission all at the same time! Porter and Claire made grandma and grandpa cute little note that we put up on our door.
SO.....we finally gathered out shopping cart and the empty gas cans (for the snow blower) and were off to Sello...... we seem to always get caught in the 'black hole' of people to talk to and things to do!
We needed to run to the POSTI first to mail a couple of packages....again! We sure won't miss the expensive cost of mailing packages from here when we get home. We have taken countless 'numbers' from the little number machine so Wayne thought we needed a picture of it.
About an hour or so later we made it back home to find a BEEHIVE of ACTIVITY with the Finnish missionaries who had come to the temple to do baptisms. They were now shoveling the snow for us! Bless their hearts! What great troopers.
And I think this is the first time I have seen Joseph and Mary and Baby Jesus being swept off!
What takes forever for Wayne and Veli Peciulius to clear off these elders can do in 30 minutes! What a huge help they were.
Unfortunately, by the time it was time for us to head up to the temple I was feeling rather sick. I had to call Sisar Haikkola and tell her I would not be able to make it. She was very understanding and told me to stay in bed......which is exactly what I did. Wayne was very productive however!

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