Thursday, April 29, 2010


It has been a couple of days since I have's because so much has been going on. Have a minute to 'catch up' today!

Since last I wrote, the MICHIE'S arrived here in Finland! FINALLY......the ASH CLOUDS played havoc on so much European Air Travel. After THREE DELAYS they finally made it. We were very excited to get them here. We have been communicating with them for a while now.....answering questions and trying to help them in any way we could to be 'prepared' for their mission here. KENT and BARBARA......TERVETULOA!!
Remember we told you about an e-mail coming to the Temple Office asking about an 'elderly' missionary who was a Doctor!! Well, as soon as we got home from our 'drivers license day' on Monday, there were our little Missionaries here from RUSSIA. They were here, literally, for about 3 hours. We got back just as their cab came to take them back to the airport. The 'elderly' missionary doctor had about 2 minutes to look at the ankle!! We may have to wait another 3 months for him to look at it again!!
This is LITHUANIAN WEEK at the temple. Oh my goodness.....what WONDERFUL people have come here!! Last Night (Wednesday) they had a little 'program' that they put on. These are some of the YOUTH who dressed up and put on quite the 'SHOW' for everyone!! Typical Teenagers!!
And then TODAY (Thursday) the OJALA'S showed up at the temple!! Bless their hearts. Sisar Ojala looked just a little tired but seemed to be recovering very well from her STOKE last month. We had little gifts for them......a framed picture of Veli Ojala, Wayne and Kevin....cutting up and making funny faces! And we bought a very pretty handmade linen BREAD BASKET for Sisar Ojala.
We just LOVE the Ojala's!!! We want our whole family to meet them!!
Okay....I think I am caught up for a minute. Oh....I have that yucky 'horrible sore throat and don't feel good at all' thing that I had last the change of the seasons. We are changing seasons again. Could this be setting a 'pattern' for me here?? I certainly hope now. I had it 3 weeks last time....hopefully it won't last as long this time! :-)

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