Friday, April 16, 2010


On Thursday we needed to do a quick little errand over at the IKEA store. It was only our 2nd time going here since we arrived some 10 months ago. It is just such a huge store. And they have everything you can imagine....and then some.

We got a picture from Kevin and Lauren after they got home and gave the boys the FINLAND hats we got for them. They are surely handsome in them don't you think. A mighty fine looking group. Ollie didn't get a hat this time so he is not in the picture. And Ele didn't get a hat either....didn't think she would like that!
On Wednesday as Kevin and Lauren were leaving to head home there was a VOLCANO that erupted in ICELAND. They were very, very lucky they were able to get back home to Utah before all airports in norther Europe were shut-down.....including Finland!
Tonight we noticed some 'very interesting' clouds headed our way.......
VOLCANO residue?? We think so......
But even makes for pretty pictures.

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