Saturday, April 10, 2010

DAY #5.....

Our first stop on our road trip today was PORVOO. What a great 'old city' and all of its charm. Definitely better without all of the snow and bone-cold weather! Will have to come back here in the summer with David and Becky!
Lauren and I stand in the 'arch' entrance of the Old Church.
The Old District with the famous red wooden houses. Every old city seems to have this....traditional for Finland I suppose! You can see chunks of ice floating down the river. It is melting!!
The great MOOSE CROSSING signs along the road! Kevin wanted a picture of them by it!
On to the Multamäkki's in Mantujarhu. This is the family that Wayne help convert some 45 years ago as a young missionary. What a great family!
We had a 'feast' of a dinner with them (prepared by husband Lauri) and after dinner went to the old wooden church down the street from their home for an organ concert! The wooden church is the 2nd largest in all of Finland. The concert was fantastic!!
Inside the church......
inside the 'case' where 1933 pipes are arranged!! Incredible to see....what a maze!!
The organist.....
and then back to the Multamäkki's for dessert!! LOVE that nice warm stove in the kitchen!
And Kevin enjoyed his FIRST EVER SAUNA!!! I think he liked it!

Sunday.....over to church where ALL of us will speak in Sacrament Meeting!! Stay tuned!

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