Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here are some 'random' thoughts to end up the week......TAMPERE WEEK.
There have been many, many folks here this week from Tampere....workers and patrons. They have 'done' themselves very well. And fun to see some very familiar faces.
Wayne has been working on some of our
genealogy work during the 'off' hours.

And as a result, we have sent family file cards to some of our children to have them help with the temple work. The picture above is one that Steven sent to us from the date night of Steven and Elinn and Jonathan and Tina to the Washington D.C. Temple last night (High Priest night at the temple). My goodness....our temple sure looks BIG after being in a small temple for the past year! I think it must have grown! Thanks kids for helping with the work...the other kids will be helping out as well.

It was Wayne's turn at the asuntola desk today (Saturday). He heard a loud noise and went to the kitchen to investigate (thinking that was where the noise was coming from). It was from a BIRD FIGHT just outside the window. You can see a bunch of feathers on the ground and this guy still had some evidence in his mouth!! CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!

Tonight Wayne wanted to take me on a around a National Forest in Espoo. We didn't even know it was there. So off we went. We leave at 8:30 p.m. just as the sun was starting to set.....very pretty time of the day. This is a huge lake in the Forest.....along with a lot of MÖKKI's on the lake. What a beautiful setting.

To match the beautiful SUNSET!!

Just couldn't resist one more of the sunset!!

We passed by a GOLF COURSE out in the middle of
this Forest....go figure. And there were THOUSANDS of gold balls!! I told Wayne I wanted just one. He said "NO" unless we could find one 'on the other side of the road'!! Well, as soon as he said that, there was one on the other side of the road. He had to go get it for me then!! These were all left from the winter and were being exposed from all of the snow we think. is my prized GOLF BALL!!
As we arrived back at the TEMPLE, we 'found' yet another very pretty view of the TEMPLE that we had not taken pictures of before. Of course, we had to stop and 'capture the moment' add to the hundreds of other pictures.

10:25 p.m. and it is basically DARK now....days are definitely getting longer and longer!! It must be almost summer time!

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