Sunday, April 11, 2010

DAY #6

We had a great day visiting the Mikkeli Branch today.....only one problem!

I was totally MORTIFIED when, at the hotel this morning, and getting ready for church, I discovered that I had left my skirt back in the apartment in Espoo (a 4 hour trip!)!!! :-( NO this could not be happening to me. OH YES it can!! I did the only thing I could do....I had to wear my pants to church AND I gave a talk as well. The first thing I did in my talk was have the interpreter explain that I had forgotten my skirt...that I was NOT dressed appropriately as a missionary! Everyone got a chuckle out of it.....I excused my interpreter and gave my talk in Finnish! I was totally humbled and hope I will NEVER do that again!!

When we walked in church both Veli Ojala and Veli Tupparainen, in the Bishopric, were standing at the front door to greet us!! OH MY.....they just laughed. I told him I would not give me talk if he wanted me not to. 'Nice try' I gave my talk. AND Kevin also a gave. It was an Allgaier sacrament meeting!! AND, Lauren did sharing time in Primary and did a great job.

We went to the Ojala's for dinner after church. It was a wonderful dinner. Sisar Ojala had been discharged from the hospital on Friday from having a stroke.
Wayne talks to Sisar Ojala about how she is doing and her medication.

A family picture before we leave to head back to Espoo.

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