Friday, April 2, 2010


Diane Alger, our hairdresser at home in Maryland, sent us this little calendar so we wouldn't forget her!! How sweet. Like that was a possibility!

We have put it on our fridge.....right next to our Temple weekly schedule. Each and every month she has written us a little note.....a 'count-down' to when we will be getting home. I think they miss us!! And we miss them!!
One-fourth of the year is already gone. Don't know how or where it went to. Thought I better get this on the blog before May gets here.

It is a great week with the Helsinki Mission area here. Lots of friends we haven't seen for a few Sisar Kervinen from Rovaniemi. A bus load of folks from the 'north' arrived yesterday. (That would be Lapland area) They will be here until tomorrow afternoon. So good that they can make it down here. It is not a short little trip!

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