Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Piculius were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting today in the Marjaniemi Ward. They asked us to 'tag' along.....and we were very excited to do that. We wanted to support them.

This picture was taken in the chapel after the 3-hour block
of meetings. They did a great job with their talks. Sisar Peciuliene gave her talk in Russian. It was translated into Finnish by and American living in the ward. Veli Pecilius gave him talk in Finnish. He did an excellent job. They have both commented on how difficult learning Finnish is for them. They are from Lithuania. I totally understand that 'concept'!!
Last night we all attended a SPRING CONCERT at the Haaga Ward Chapel. It was absolutely wonderful. There are so many great musicians and singers in this area. Put them all together and you have yourself a real treat......and we definitely did. We had this little 'girl picture' taken outside the chapel as we were leaving......left to right: me, Sisar Zaretskja, Sisar Groberg, Sisar Peciuliene (back) and Sisar Johnson.
It has been a wonderful day!

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