Sunday, April 4, 2010



It was to have been the 'delivery day' of the new ipad!! Oh my.....I knew Kevin had ordered one for me.....couldn't wait for him to get it knowing that they would be in a couple of days and I could get MINE!!!

Well, we NEVER, EVER see 'brown'.....that would be UPS......deliver over here!! Just don't!! Don't know why. But, on Friday I looked out the window and what did I see.....BROWN....YUP THE UPS TRUCK!!! My first thought was that BROWN was delivering my ipad to me here. Well, I knew that wouldn't / couldn't happen. It was FUN to think about for just a minute any way!!
BUT....the plot thickens!! Kevin was to have MY ipad and his delivered to his home in Mapleton, Utah on Saturday. WHAT.......UPS DOESN'T HAVE SATURDAY DELIVERIES IN MAPLETON ON SATURDAYS!! SO......bless Kevin's little heart......he heads up to Salt Lake City early on Saturday morning to stand in line (he actually LOVES those lines!!) with several hundred other people just to get HIS ipad and MY ipad.....because they leave on Monday morning early to fly here to Finland!
S * W * E * E * T.......
AND THERE IT IS SAFELY STRAPPED IN ON THE FLOOR OF KEVIN'S CAR!!! Not to have any injury befall upon it!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

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