Sunday, April 25, 2010


We woke up this morning (Sunday) to a beautiful blue sky ....... Finland BLUE actually.

Then we looked a little closer at the thermometer...... not quite as warm as the sun makes it to appear. We are hopefully that we will get warmer weather before too long! At least our days are getting longer now.....and it seems like it happened all at once too.
We have missionaries here this weekend from Novosibirsk Russia Mission getting visas renewed. These fine folks went to Haaga Ward with us today. They just were so amazed at how beautiful Finland is compared to Siberia (in their mission where they work)!!
As we were driving back and forth today to church and then for an AIRPORT RUN for the missionaries, we noticed this wreck along the highway. You just never, never see this type of thing over here. It looks pretty smashed up. We never even heard any sirens at all!! (The location is right by the asuntola). I guess the sirens really are POLITE over here!! :-)

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