Monday, April 5, 2010

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They will arrive Tuesday afternoon about 1:30 p.m. They will be here for just over a week. Can't wait to see them and spend some time showing them around 'our home'!!
Our P-Day trip to Helsinki was not a 'regular' trip. But we tried to make the most of it since we were there. The Gulf of Finland is still frozen pretty good. Looks like it could be for a while.
And this restaurant had planted spring daffodils which was a very welcomed sight!
Street musicians are a common sight everywhere. These 3 guys was exceptionally good. We realized later that they were probably Russian musicians because of the music they were playing. We actually took a little clip of it and played it to a Finn lady later (at the office we were headed to) and she told us they were Russian. I thought that music was a little more peppy that Finnish music!
AND.....this was our destination for today. Wayne had a deposition with an attorney back in Maryland. Yes, almost 3 years after this event at the office. BUT.....Wayne never saw the patient but he was the 'principal' in the practice at the time and therefore he was the one to be deposed! Go figure! It took about 2 hours......a long time!
Wayne's nickname is 'ARNOLD'. When we saw this cute little car, we just couldn't resist!

Because this was still a loma (holiday) for Easter today, the stores were ALL closed. That was a bummer. We were hoping to do a little shopping while downtown! Oh time.

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