Thursday, April 22, 2010


We really didn't plan on doing any errands before working on our afternoon shift today. Just do a little genealogy here at home (or at least Wayne). In fact, he went up to the temple this morning to do some proxy baptisms for MY father's side of the family! He is so sweet to help with MY family!! KIITOS....

When he got back to the apartment, Pavel called and asked Wayne if he would drive him downtown Helsinki to meet his wife at the Ferry Boat arriving from Copenhagen, Denmark. She had to get real creative to get back here from her 3-week stay in Utah. It was because of the 'ASH CLOUDS' that she couldn't get home.
So, off he went and got home just in time to eat lunch and head up with me to the temple.
AND....while we were there working, we were notified that an American was coming to the temple this afternoon. He was 'stuck' in Finland for the last week because of the 'ASH CLOUDS'. We could look for him and help him out. Well, what a small world in the CHURCH!! This good fella turns out to be JANE VOGEL's brother (John Jacobson) who has been trying to get back to his home in Indiana!! JANE....THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!! :-)
AND....then Mervi Multamäkki was in the temple this afternoon. We love that family. We had some nice family pictures framed and ready as gifts for them as well as her mother-in-law! She was tickled to get them.
What a fun day.....and helping the patrons who were there was very rewarding as well!! Russian and Finnish ordinances were the 'norm' for today! As always it seems!!

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