Friday, April 9, 2010

DAY # 4......

This morning we had a pancake and crispy bacon breakfast! Okay, that is it!! No more 'fancy' breakfast. We will be traveling for the next 4 days and won't have time for that.

We kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the morning (we are on the afternoon shift this week). We looked out the window and what did we see!!??

FLAG DAY here in Finland!! It is for Mikael Agricola. Who in the world is he?? He is the FATHER of the Finnish language.....1543 to be exact!! is our Finnish flag flying proudly! (So you can see that WE are clearly NOT the only ones to stand at our living room window and take pictures!!

While we worked at the temple this afternoon, Kevin and Lauren decided to take a walk over to Sello. They needed to do a few errands! So, when we got home there was a gorgeous bouquet of tulips sitting on our dining room table!! SO SPRING!!! KIITOS!!!
HANGING OUT was the name of the game tonight after we finished working in the temple!
Remember way back in October (actually my birthday, October 12) and my camera got 'broken'!! Well, Wayne has just 'wanting' to take it apart and see how it really works.
Tonight was the NIGHT to do that! Sure looks like fun doesn't it!! I bet we would have some grandkids who would love to be here play with this 'adventure'!!

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