Monday, April 26, 2010


We are looking forward to another great week here at the Helsinki Temple. The saints from the Baltic Mission will be coming. A large group from Lithuania will be here. We have not seen them for about 6 months. Most of them only get to come once a year.

With P-Day today, we got a few more errands checked off of our list. On our way home from Sello (purchasing food for the Michie's who arrive tomorrow afternoon....more about them later!), we had to stop and let the 'car czar' fill up the VW Van with gas...that is part of his responsibilities as 'car czar'! The first picture was taken at the gas pump.
We have a need to get our FINNISH DRIVERS LICENSE before June 15th gets here. You have to get the new license not sooner than 6 months after arriving here but before you have been in the country for one year. We have 1 1/2 months before that one year mark. we headed over to the Poliisi Station in Espoo where we had to start the process.
So, after just a bit over 2 hours, and paperwork later.....we came away with having started that month long process. We had to have our 'mug shots' taken (at least we think that is what they look like!). We had to take our glasses off....just in case there was a reflection from the glass part! And we were suppose to have a 'somber' face. I managed a little smile and no one said anything.
Then back to the asuntola where we were invited to some cake and punch by the Pecilius. Didn't know what the occasion was but we said we would be there!!
As it turned out it was her BIRTHDAY!!! Bless her little heart. I would have made a little something for her. I still will but it will just be a bit late getting to her.

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