Monday, April 19, 2010


Today would have been the day Wayne and I would have taken the Michie's shopping at introduce them on the 'ropes' of where to go and how to shop here in Finland. However, because we are still having NO AIRLINE FLIGHTS come in or go out of the Helsinki Airport due to the Iceland Volcano eruption, they have not arrived yet. Bummer.....they have missed so much already!! Hopefully by the end of the week they will be here.
So, our P-Day was a 'free' day to catch up on things. We decided to take a walk on the 'paths' around the asuntola. The snow has mostly melted and the trails on in great shape. We walked for about 1 1/2 hours.
It felt great to get some good exercise again.....
and we found some cute little flowers to prove that spring may be here!! Even if they are dandelions!! Better than NO flowers at all, right!
Tonight the temple presidency and their wives prepared a MEXICAN dinner for us. It was to show their appreciation for the hundreds of hours of shoveling snow this past winter (actually they told us it was calculated at 700 hours in all!!). It was also for the hard work us sistars do in the PESULA (laundry) at the temple......a total of 1400 hours!!!
WOW....we didn't know we had worked THAT hard. We knew it was a lot.
I am cutting the desert for us made by Sisar Roto. It was a strawberry pie.
Just a delightful evening of fun and fellowship.
And everyone enjoyed themselves very, very much. The presidency wanted to know when the next dinner was?? We are ready!!
All three of the presidency washed and dried the dishes! Bless their hearts.......the wives all cooked the food so that is the way it should have been.
And when all of the hard work was last group picture. KIITOS PALJON!

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