Saturday, May 1, 2010

FLAG DAY......


And that means the FLAG goes up!!! How many guys does it take to raise a flag?? Well, let's many do you count! ONE and the rest to have a 'social activity'!!
We had a good breeze most of the day......... I was home sick from the temple today. I feel like I got hit by a MACK TRUCK. Don't know if they have Mack Trucks over here, but IF we do, it hit me! Terribly sore throat, fever, chill. The works. Hopefully it will be gone very soon!! I don't get sick that often, so this is definitely NO FUN AT ALL!! :-(

This sweet couple have been here this week doing baptisms!! The wife and son have been here previously so it was good to see them! They will be back in AUGUST to be endowed and be sealed. They are very excited about that. We are also very excited to see them come back.
Getting settled in on the bus!
Wishing they could stay a while longer!!
Interesting 'event' this morning at the temple. One of the Lithuanian workers came in the Temple while Wayne was at the Recommend Desk. He told him that there was a woman outside, sitting on a bench, who was distraught and wanted to come in 'God's Temple' so she could pray. Couldn't understand why she couldn't come in. Wayne got President Roto out front with him and the two of them (Wayne and President Roto) took her into the Waiting Room and talked with her.
As it turned out, she felt there was no reason to go on living. Her husband died 10 years ago and her children (5 of them) were grown up and she felt all alone! She 'perked' up when Wayne told her that she COULD be with her husband again!! Bottom line.....the missionaries have the information and will be in contact with her tomorrow. They are on LOCK DOWN today because of the HOLIDAY (LOMA).....the Finns have a habit of drinking way too much for holidays such as this.

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