Friday, May 21, 2010

SIT BACK.....RELAX.....ENJOY......

With our being on the morning shift at the temple this week, that gives us the most beautiful part of the day to be outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having right now. Don't know how long it will last. We thought we better get some pictures while it was there. start our field trip out, we got one of the other missionaries to take a picture of us. At the bottom of the steps leading up to the temple from the asuntola. (I am sure you can picture that because you have seen THOSE steps so very many times!!

The flowers are just beautiful everywhere on the grounds right now. Purples (my personal favorite color), pinks, yellows, whites, blues....all of them!
And how do we get THOSE shots?? Well, Wayne was happy to demonstrate it for me!
KAUNIS blue sky with white blooming trees in front.....can't get any prettier than that.
And another view......
Maati (the asuntola 'guy') is in charge of watering the plants on the back deck.
And walking around outside was this cute little couple......Veli ja Sisar Lowry. They were just sealed two days ago!! From Russia. Well, she is front Russia and he is from Florida. YES, I made them a little cross stitch picture of the temple. They are just so cute in love.
And then while we were still taking pictures, Ronda Groberg came walking by....headed to the afternoon shift to work. PICTURE TIME for the two of us. With a light breeze blowing....just enough to toss our hair around.
AND....this is how I get MY shots......
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those trees with the temple spire in the distance.
The back of the temple is just as beautiful as the front. Well manicured and groomed.
KAUNIS flowers.....
and back to the front of he temple grounds again......
Hope you enjoyed this quick little tour of the beautiful temple grounds. Have lots more pictures. You can see them in a little slide show when we get home......whenever that is!
RAIN is coming in this weekend so we may not be able to enjoy these flowers for very long.
The Russians have headed back to St. Petersburg tonight and tomorrow morning. They have a conference tomorrow night and Sunday.

NEXT WEEK: Tampere Stake. Great people!!

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