Sunday, May 9, 2010

in Finland......

Yes, Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY here in Finland. I think it was around the world. Wayne did a GREAT job with making it a great day for me!! I am not quite sure how he 'pulled it off' because we are always together!! But, he DID!!
I woke up to beautiful red roses, a beautiful new Finnish-made pin (I love pins!) and TWO Mother's Day from Wayne and one that Wayne picked out from all of our Finnish, of course.
How FUN it was.....all day long. And we got to SKYPE with most of the kids as well. I heard from almost all of them.
We went to church in the HÄMEENLINNA BRANCH today. With the Peciulius and Michie's. While there, I had made and delivered a BOOKMARK to Sisar Hannele Pöystilä. She is a friend of the Grobergs who had been inactive for 31 years!! Yes, 31 years. She recently (in fact earlier this year) came back to church. She is now preparing to come to the temple later in the year. Very deserving of a bookmark don't ya think!! :-)
The Peciulius both spoke in Sacrament Meeting. With a little time left, Veli Michie was asked to bear his testimony, which he did. And Barbara was asked to give the closing prayer, which she did in English. Very sweet meeting. And now the Michie's have a speaking assignment there on July 11th!! We spoke there a few weeks ago.
In the evening we were invited over to the Michie's for dessert. It was fun. I had made Barbara a bookmark, so of course that meant a picture!
The Groberg's joined us as well. A fun little bit of 'hang out time' for the ending of a great day.

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