Monday, May 17, 2010

DAY #3.......

The drive home today was uneventful.....which is nice! We like 'boring'. So we thought we would share some of the sights along the 7 hour road trip back......
ABOVE: Statues are everywhere.....all different shapes, sizes and materials. This one surely fits the 'bill'.....made out of old tires. Just stacked up. Someone has too much time and too many old tires on their hands.
We made a quick stop in KUOPIO for lunch. We ended up going to Hesburger because we couldn't find a SUBWAY. GYPSIES walking around everywhere in Finland is also a common sight.
And, above, is the KUOPIO TORI that we went to on Saturday as we drove north. Thought we may as well stop there on our way south as well.
LUMBERJACK statue......very interesting.
Even the BRIDGES are interesting too.....this one lights up like candles at night.....
Sorry for the dirty windshield....but you can see someone just put a couple of large stones and called it a STATUE!
Wayne has a special fascination for the many, many ROCK WALLS everywhere!! Finland DOES have a LOT of rocks and why not preserve those that you can!!!
The weather was interesting on the drive home......a little sun, a little rain (even a little heavy at times)....NO snow, NO hail......even had a thunderstorm off in the distance. We saw a nice display of lightening! Wayne took this beautiful picture of the cloud formation. Thought that would be a good one to end on!

Great trip....good to be HOME SWEET ASUNTOLA HOME!!

Saint from St. Petersburg Russia have arrived. Should be a fun-filled, busy week. Have seen some familiar faces....that is always so good!

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