Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Since last I wrote, Sunday into P-Day, there has been great PROGRESS on the landscaping on the Temple Grounds. You can see below the beautiful flowers that are being planted. Can't wait for the final product! They are soo pretty, healthy and will only be in the ground for about one month. All that hard work!! Then a different kind of flower will be planted for the 'summer'!

YEKATERINBURG RUSSIA WEEK (in addition to Helsinki Stake Week). Unfortunately, this will probably be the LAST trip to the Helsinki Finland trip for these great people because the Kiev, Ukraine Temple will be dedicated the last of August! All of these folks will be going there. We will miss them so much. We may have to serve a Temple Mission there next so we can see all of our many friends that we have made over the last 11 months we have been here. Wouldn't that be so fun to see them all again!! What a great reunion we could have!! :-)
This sweet gal brought US a gift this time.....I made her a cross stitch temple picture last time. Her name is DANILINA.
Russian chocolate and other food!!
My goodness.....we are going to miss them so much!!

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