Sunday, May 16, 2010

DAY #2

I think I told you that we had a SAUNA in our Scandic Hotel Room.....well, just had to take a picture of it this morning before we left for the day. The picture below was taken from the inside of our bathroom looking out at Wayne working on the computer. See the SAUNA (or at least part of it) on the left-hand side? NICE!
Since church didn't start until 11:00 a.m., we decided to drive outside of town about 8 kilometers to a large wooden church. It is suppose to have some impressive paintings on the walls and ceilings. is only open during JUNE, JULY, AUGUST. Yes, this is still MAY.....
This one was built in the 1600's.....and the moss-covered steps leading up to the door of the 'bell tower' looked like no one had been in there for a while!
Then, it was time to head over to church. The store-front church is below. You can see the church sign in the front window. They are looking for land where they can build a nice new church. They certainly need and deserve it!
After church we took a few pictures of some of the members. Me, below, with some of the gals....all so sweet and kind
The sister above, front, in the brown skirt.......

Well, here she is above riding her bike home after church. YUP....that is just what they do here Even the older more mature members do that.
Above is a family who were on LOMA in Kajaani for a few weeks. They were visiting in the Branch today. We actually knew them from the temple. How fun to see them here.
The Branch President is the young guy holding his little baby. Veli RIITONEN is his name. His wife is standing to his right. The other folks in the picture of Sisar Riitonen's parents and two younger brothers.
Missionaries were sent to open up Kajaani once again last September. These two young missionaries are the ones assigned to be there. They are plays the piano for the meetings while the other leads the music! Not surprising.....
We had a TWO-PART DINNER APPOINTMENT TODAY! The FIRST part was with the RIIKONEN's in their home, along with her parents and two younger brothers. It was wonderful. We enjoyed getting to know them.
PART TWO was in Sisar Riikonen's parents home...... 1 hour and 45 minute drive away!! And they drive that distance EVERY SINGLE WEEK to and from church. And have been doing that for 20 years!! Veli ja Sisar KOMULAINEN have 9 children and they have a strong family in the Gospel. All of the children are married except the two youngest.

On the drive to their home they stopped at a SKI JUMP to show it to us as well as the view of the beautiful LAKES in the area. OH MY......WHAT A GORGEOUS VIEW and a perfect day to see the view.....and the snow that was still there! Yes, even in mid-May there was still snow!

It was windy up jump behind me.
Another shot of both Wayne and I with the SKI JUMP.
This picture was taken in their front yard.....right on the river. What another gorgeous view. What a wonderful relaxing life they seem to have there. We could get used to that kind of life!

We never made it to the RUSSIAN BORDER today. Probably a good thing. We just plain ran out of time. Another time, another day! We will get there. For today, we had a wonderful time and are so glad we have been able to do what we have and met the great people that we have. We love the Finnish people.

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