Friday, May 28, 2010

AND MORE......

The plan this afternoon was to walk over to SELLO to update our bus passes and do a couple of errands, but NO!

We called the POLIISI office to check on our Finnish Drivers License. Well, we thought at least my license was ready to be picked up.....Wayne's paper work had a little snag! We would check on that at the same time. Long, long story......neither one was ready....bummer!! Yet another trip sometime to work on that more.
However, as Wayne was walking through the building lot, he saw this cute little 'mother duck' and her 'ducklings' just strolling along. Now, you have to admit....that is way cute! (I stayed with the car because we were in a hurry to get 'something' done before the offices closed.
And for DINNER we decided to have dessert!! Why not.....we are senior missionaries and we can do that if we want to! Don't tell our kids and grandkids though! :-) It was SO good.....fresh strawberries, sliced bananas and cut up sugar donuts for the cake. Hey, we have to improvise when you can't find the 'normal' food things here. And topped off with WHIP CREAM, of course. I think we have created a NEW recipe! Move over PAULA DEEN!
We have been on a HUNT for the TEMPLE HARE!! We have been seeing him FLASH by. We saw him and decided it was time to 'catch him'! He is such a quick little (actually BIG) bunny.
Wayne was able to get a couple of shots of him.....
and here...... as he went galloping along.
Sisar Luik is here this week from Estonia. We knew her last summer when she was on a mission here in Finland. She is just so sweet. Well, she told us that she has been accepted to BYU-PROVO and will be leaving in 11 days!! Good for her. AND she has been offered a job as a language tutor at the MTC.....teaching, of course, Estonian and Finnish. She will be wonderful at that. And she speaks English perfectly! She will be a great asset!!

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