Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We are on the morning shift this week. That means we have some 'free' time in the afternoon. Except today, because Wayne has the Asuntola Desk Duty this afternoon and tonight until about 9:00 p.m.ish

I am catching up on laundry (from our weekend trip) and making 3 Helsinki Temple cross stitch pictures. I need to mail two to Kajaani and one to Russia. Would like to get them in the Posti tomorrow afternoon IF possible.

Sisar Haikkola (temple matron) put 12 framed pictures of the temple in the cabinet in the lobby area of the 2nd floor. I went out to take a picture and who did I catch coming up the steps but Veli ja Sisar Zaretski (temple missionaries from St. Petersburg, Russia). His nickname is 'PAPARAZZI' for a reason.....he loves to take pictures. I thought it was time for me to 'get him'!! They are such a cute couple.
They were admiring the 'new pictures' in the cabinet with me. They asked if Sisar Alakoski took the pictures. When I told them NO, that Veli Allgaier took all of those pictures, they were so pleased!!! VERY GOOD VELI ALLGAIER......ADASHO!! (I am sure you can just hear that Russian accent coming through as you read this!) Veli Zaretski very immediately back downstairs to tell Veli Allgaier what great work he does!!
I think they turned out very, very well. We literally have HUNDREDS of temple pictures. With a view like ours (out our living room and bedroom windows, how can we not have so many wonderful shots!!)

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