Saturday, May 22, 2010

S * O * O * O..........

What do Senior Temple Missionaries do on a Saturday afternoon when they have finished working in the temple all week???

They go to lunch at the local IKEA store of course! They have a great restaurant at the one here in Espoo.......
and it is cheap too!! That is good....we all like that. We ALL have the SALMON lunch special. We went with the Groberg's and the Michie's. Fun folks
Afterward, we decided we would go for a drive through the National Park to scout out a location for a future picnic on a Saturday afternoon. We dropped the Groberg's off at the Asuntola (they felt a little 'tired') started to STORM!! You know with thunder and lightening! Kind of rare here in Finland. And a pretty good rain. Wayne and Kent looked over the map to 'strategize' the trip.
We decided to bag that idea and stay home and relax. AAAHHH.....we like relaxing.
The petunias are just looking so very pretty right now.

NEXT WEEK: TAMPERE STAKE......a lot of familiar faces of great people coming!

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