Monday, May 24, 2010

And Yet


We decided to head DOWNTOWN HELSINKI again today. Just because we like to do that and because we were looking for a couple of specific things.....we were on a 'mission' to find them.
There is this one statue (of a famous Finnish poet I think) located in the ESPLANADE close to the TORI. We have yet to see this statue withOUT a bird sitting on top of his head......until today!! Had to get a picture of that. Might not see it again.
The FLOWERS were just gorgeous.....I think we truly have SPRING here!
The ESPLANADE on the way to the TORI!
And the beautiful flowers at the TORI for sell!!
I have been looking for almost ONE FULL YEAR for some DMC FLOSS for my cross stitch. Can you believe I 'accidentally' found it today! WHOA!! IF and WHEN I need some, now I know where to go.......even if it is 1 eu 50 for one skein!.........normally in the states I can find it for about 40 cents a skein.....or 3/$1.00 if on sale!
I told Wayne that I really wanted to get an authentic WOOD SAUNA LADEL!! You know, when we build our own SAUNA at our home in America. Well, today while walking around we saw a SAUNA SHOP and decided to check it out. I found just the right one.....made with wood and preserved in 'tar'!! That would be about as authentic as one can get. The only missing 'part' was I wanted it to say 'FINLAND' or something to that effect on it. Wayne asked him if he has a wood-buring tool that he could write that on the handle for me. 'OF COURSE I DO' was his response.
And the end result........SUOMI SAUNA!!! Perfect....and what a guy for doing that right there on the spot.
Again, while still walking around downtown, we 'found' this OPTIIKKA shop.....thought of Steven (our family eye doctor). Just had to take a picture of that for him......
HOME SWEET ASUNTOLA HOME with our 'finds'!! Here Wayne is holding his GREAT FIND for the day......the KALEVALA BOOK......A Finnish Epic. He really wanted something that was close to the original that was written back in about 1835. This particular book was a 150 year anniversary edition and published in 1985. This was the 4th bookstore where we had looked for it. It is the SAME BOOKSTORE where he had found a couple of books earlier this year. HIS FAVORITE BOOKSTORE!!! We scored.....only 50 euro too!!
And me with my TWO FINDS......My Finnish Sauna Ladle and Sauna Sign!!

Great P-Day.....we even got our laundry and cleaning done after we got home. Good Day.

Now we are ready for TAMPERE STAKE and ESTONIA to be here this week!!

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