Saturday, May 8, 2010

WRAP UP......


It has been a very good week with a lot of great people from both YEKATERINBURG and HELSINKI STAKE. The wonderful people that we have come to know and love will not be back again. The Kiev Ukraine Temple will be dedicated on August 29th. How sad that we won't get to see them again! :-(
Sisar Pokidko was here with her son. Her son, Oleg, just loved talking with Wayne and 'practicing his English'! They became best 'buds'!!
Here is a group picture taken on Friday night after their Testimony Meeting. President Haikkola is in the middle, front row.

Came home a couple of days ago to an INVITATION to an upcoming SCRAPBOOKING EVENT to be held while Becky and David are here. Becky is going to be a 'guest' at this event.
It looks like it will be a great event!!
Tonight we went to the HAAGA WARD 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY event. It was truly decked out like a real party.....beginning at the front door. Lots of balloons ....... some folks really worked hard in making this a great event.
This sweet little Sisar, Irja Haikonen, was baptized just one year ago. She is 80-something. Just as spry as they come. She came to the temple this week for her own endowment. I made her a bookmark, of course! She really liked it.......'kaunis', she said!
A little look at the inside of the party!

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