Thursday, September 3, 2009

These are my FAVORITE FINNISH foods!

We can clarify that statement by saying.....WAYNE'S favorite finnish foods! He has loved PULOUKOITA....a berry dish....since he was here as a young missionary. We are here, the berries are in season, and he wants to learn how to make this! Sisar Massinen showed him how with the berries that we bought at the tori in downtown Helsinki this past Monday. They actually are pretty good....if prepared correctly! (Sisar Massinen and her daughter, Jenni, are here this week to attend the temple. They are staying in the Asuntola while here....convenient to have them right here in the same building with us!)

And here they are cooking away! Add a little water, a little sugar and start cooking. will need to add more sugar when you eat them. And add a little whipped cream or milk and you have a great desert!
Wayne likes to eat his PULOUKOITA with MAKSALAATIKKO (sort of liver pudding!)! NO THANK YOU!! But, he loves it! And here it is all prepared for HIS dinner! I had normal food for my dinner!

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