Saturday, September 19, 2009


In deed a rare occurrence because we are usually working in the Temple on Saturday! But.....the temple does not open until next Tuesday, so we took advantage and decided to go downtown Helsinki again. On the bus trip there, Brother & Sister Vasiliev, temple missionaries from Russia, decided to go with us. The picture below shows Brother Vasiliev striking up a conversation with another Russian lady and her daughter on the bus. Fun to watch them talk to each other!
Being able to purchase 'fresh fish' right off the boat at the docks edge is a very popular thing to do! If you like to do that sort of thing. And many of the native Finns love that. Here is the 'action'!
And the fresh fruits and vegetables are always so attractive as well as delicious. Today we bought TWO ears of corn for 2 euro! Quite expensive but we decided to treat ourselves. We have not been able to find corn on the cob at all this summer! Now that it is fall weather, we find it. Go figure!
Street musicians are always fun to watch. This guys was actually quite good! Had quite a few folks dropping coins in his little can too!
We rounded out our trip by going to the City Museum and the National Museum! Almost 'Museum overload'! A lot to take in but we were determined to do it. The National Museum is not open on Monday's, which is our normal Preparation Day. It was a fun day!

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