Thursday, September 17, 2009


What a wonderful week it has been. We have done and seen some amazing things! The temple opens again next week and we are ready to get back to being temple missionaries!

We are NOT going back to Espoo without one unexpected souvenir! Wayne woke up Wednesday morning to find his wrist really swollen! Mosquito bite? We are not sure....but definitely a bit of some kind.
We bought a picture of a Norther Night that was closest to the one we saw on Tuesday night. This was the display 'case' at the Lapland Gift Shop in Ivalo. The closest to the one we saw is located on the next to bottom row, 2nd from right. Our little point-and-shoot-camera would not take a picture for us!
As we were driving around yesterday we just had to take a picture of this little bus stop. This was so typical of bus stops along Route #4.
We saw a lot more reindeer while driving again today. These 2 white ones are for tourist driving along. Their names are 'Ping Pong' and 'Roope'......aren't they cute! Don't know who came up with those names!
This is our sleeper train that we took back from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. It was a 13 hour train ride. This is what Wayne used to call 'Blue Beeper' when he was on his mission here 45 years ago. They are very old .......
And the inside of our sleeper compartment. I took the upstairs bunk and Wayne had the downstairs bunk.
Here I am looking at him from the upstairs bunk. They were actually quite comfortable!
And we arrived back to our Home Sweet Asuntola Home safe and sound. What a wonderful week. We are ready to get back to work now!!

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