Monday, September 21, 2009

Even after a 2-week shut-down for regular Temple maintenance, we still had our

I had gotten an e-mail recipe from LDS Living and there was a good-looking dinner roll from Lion House cookbook. I had to try it out today.

The picture below shows the flour and yeast ingredients with a bowl of the dough just starting to rise. I knew I would have to take a picture of the ingredients so I could remember what to buy next time! There are way too many options and different kinds of flours!
Once the dough got started to rise on the first go round, I got a phone call from Sister Luthy (matron) asking if I could come help with putting some things 'in order' before the temple opens again tomorrow. Sure, I said, I will be right up! That meant I had to give Wayne instructions to finish up the rolls!! This was to be a FIRST for him!! :-)
With his apron on, he has seen me wearing an apron for the last 40 years and bless his heart for putting one on, he was ready to shape those rolls!! Right on schedule!
He got two pans shaped and ready to rise again. Bless his heart.....he only had to call me once at the temple with a 'cooking question'......when was I going to be coming home!! Just in case.....he said!
The rolls turned out fantastic. We had enough to share with all of the temple missionaries in the asuntola. They loved it. The asuntola smelled so good.
We looked out our living room window and noticed the Vorimo's car outside. President Vormio was dropping something off at the desk. Wayne rushed a plate of rolls down to them as well!

We are back in full swing with temple activity now. A bus from Moscow, Russia arrived this afternoon with lots of patrons for the housing......which means lots of temple activity for the week! Good day.....great week beginning!

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