Friday, September 11, 2009

A KICK BACK - RELAXED DAY! We are on 'Holiday' and we are retired and we can do that!! :-)

Today was our day to walk over to the Arktikum and spend the day. It is a very large indoor museum. It was only about a 15 minute walk from our downtown City Hotelli....but, of course, it took us longer because we made several stops.

Above: Our City Hotelli is located in the main downtown shopping mall area.....looking toward the main street it gives the appearance of being a 'mini-New York Times Square'!
On the walk we went right past the largest, most northern McDonald's in the world. We did stop and have a burger and fish sandwich with fries and milk shake on the way back to the hotel. We deserved it.....we did a lot of walking today!
Very popular style of condos in Finland.....everyone (almost) has a glass enclosed balcony. It proves to be a great asset in the long, dark winters months. You can get outside and get some fresh air without having to actually go outside!
We finally made it to the Arktikum! What you can't see is just how very, very long the building is. With 2 floors of great exhibits.
Statues, all very unique everywhere in Finland, are so fun to see! This was no exception. And right by the front door to the Arktikum.
Lots of fascinating displays inside. We were NOT suppose to take photos of most things. We saw another tourist taking a picture of this. When no one was looking, we did the same thing. This bear, afterall, looked friendly enough!
On our walk back to the hotel, we decided to walk down by the river. Actually the whole city Rovaniemi in located on a river. I loved this bridge the first time I saw it. A bunch of college students where by the river having classes(?) or something. Just a few in front of us, and in our view of the bridge, and many, many more loud ones behind us.

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