Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sunday, and we decided we would go to the Kerava Ward with the Goodliffe's and the Groberg's. Sister's Goodliffe and Groberg had been asked to play a musical duet after the Sacrament and before Testimony meeting. They did a wonderful job. Really set the tone for the meeting.

I got ahead of myself though. The chapel was built in the early 1980's. It is very pretty and quite unique.

EveryTHING is Finland is built on a rock, or so it seems. There are so many rocks everyWHERE! The church property was no exception. This particular rock was 'dug out' of where the basement of the church is. It was suggested by the architect that it put positioned in front of the church.
President Alakoski (counselor in the temple presidency and a member of this ward) told us that "this is THE ROCK spoken of in Daniel 2:34-45, cut out without hands that smote the idol in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and filled the whole earth". So there you have it! It must be true.
This is the inside of the church. Quite unique. Bose speakers all around. I was impressed.
Sisar Goodliffe and Sisar Groberg playing their duet during Sacrament Meeting (actually, we did NOT take this picture at that time.....would not have been appropriate. Wayne actually took it after church.)
LOVE, the table cloth on the table in Relief Society. I believe Sisar Alakoski made this as well. She is quite talented! It says.....'1842, Charity Never Faileth.......Relief Society'. What else would you find in a Relief Society Room? And, yes, there were very pretty flowers on the table as well.

We truly feel a great spirit of the Gospel everywhere we visit in Finland. Wards, Branches....all the Saints seem to be strong in the Gospel. We just need it to 'grow' more and faster!!

Now we are off to our every other week FHE with the Temple Missionaries here in the asuntola. This week it is Velli ja Sisar Valiliev's turn to give the lesson. They are the missionary couple from Russia. They will complete their mission in about 3 weeks!

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