Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday finally arrived so that we could attend the Rovaniemi Branch and give our talks! Can't believe it finally got here!
Above is the chapel. It is a very nice building on the inside. I had a lot of people come up to me afterwards to tell me how well I had spoken and that they really enjoyed it! Wayne did a wonderful job. It is a relief to have that behind us!
After church, I gave a little cross stitch temple picture to Sisar Riskila, who is the oldest member of the Rovaniemi Branch. She was such a sweetheart!
And this young lady (I can't remember her name) is leaving in 3 weeks to go on a mission to Manchester, England. She will be coming to the temple as soon as it opens. I am sure we will see here when she comes. She is so sweet!
After church we went with the Kervinen's (Branch President and his wife) to their home for dinner. It was delicious. Chicken in a sauce over rice with vegetables and salad. After dinner they wanted to drive us around to see some of the country. One spot that was of a big interest to them and to us was a German cemetery where more than 2400 german people are buried in a mass grave. They were killed after World War II. Very sad, very sobering.
We then drove to a nice look-out ski lift so we could get a good view and picture of the surrounding area. Very impressive! What great people the Kervinen's are. So hospitable, so warm, so kind! What a wonderful day!

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